Selling Your Hosting Company?

It's not an easy decision to let go of something you've put time and effort in to, but SmallWeb's here to make it as smooth as possible so you and your customers can rest at night peacefully.


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Send an email to with information on your business.
Send an NDA or request us to draft one up for the purpose of discussing your business.


At this point we'll discuss your business and the state of it's health, what we can do to help your customers and what we believe to be a fair price to acquire your business.


Once everybody's happy we'll send and exchange contracts and start the process of transferring assets to us. We'll both provide a notice to our Customer's before transferring.

Small in price, big on customer satisfaction.

Our Past Acquisitions

A timeline of our previous customer acquisitions.

November 2019


SpaceWeb (EU Branch)

In November 2019 we completed a contract to acquire customers of the SpaceWeb EU brand due to an exit from the global market by their operating company.

All customers were webhosting users who's origin service was located in Europe running DirectAdmin.

Customers were migrated to our infrastructure which remained in Europe using the DirectAdmin.

After 1 year, we retained over 60% of the customers.

March 2021


In March 2021 we completed the acquisition of the trading brand and it's customers. 

All acquired customers had active web hosting services within USA or Singapore in which we were able to accommodate on our internal infrastructure.

We share the same values as TeraDelta in that we're always looking to provide more for less. We'll continue doing that with customers now a part of SmallWeb.

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