New Limited Singapore, Asia Location

Hey there,

As mentioned in “SmallWeb Blogging & Plans For 2020” our main DirectAdmin offering will focus on it’s current 7 locations for the foreseeable future so I’m taking the opportunity to hit other locations in limited edition style.

Firstly – Singapore, Asia. This was hinted at in 2019 when I originally planned to add this to our main offering. But for now, we’ve found a reasonable provider of services in Singapore to offer limited edition 1GB shared hosting plans for only £5 per year! As this is limited, there are only 50 plans available. We don’t configure or provide the licensing for the software, but we’ll manage all related support requests to give you the added SmallWeb touch when you use our services.

The first five plans can get 50% off with the code: SGP

Check it out here…

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