SmallWeb’s Blogging & Plans for 2020

Hi there!

This blog hasn’t been touched in quite a few months and it’s a shame, so here I am to revive it with some more regular content, announcements and promotions.

With that in mind, I thought it may be of interest to know our plans for 2020.

Server Upgrades

Los Angeles, US – We’re migrating LAX1 Los Angeles services on 15/03/2020 to a brand new server which uses shiny new AMD Ryzen processors as well as NVMe storage. (The old server used AMD Epyc and standard SSD for reference).

New York, US – Our upstream provider has notified us of plans to upgrade hardware for this location to also use AMD Ryzen processors and NVMe storage. They’ve mentioned April as a brief time frame for right now.

Clearing Out The Old

Many months ago we announced we would stop offering cPanel services and notified customers of plans to discontinue the server. On 15/03/2020 all cPanel services will be terminated and will no longer be in our service bundle.

Bringing In The New

I’ve been hinting at the possibility of offering Virtual Server services with the same sentiment as SmallWeb and progress is slowly moving in the background. Right now, we’re setting up the basics as far as the website and network providers to release a full offering this year but hopefully a few surprises before then.

If you want to give feedback on the website, it’s – it’s basic.

What About Locations?

Rapid growth across the globe was a key part to the growth of SmallWeb and it’s led to many positive and negative effects to the company. I anticipated opening several more locations but of course, the sustainability and reliability of all current locations remains priority.

With that in mind, I’m certainly open to offering limited edition locations which may appear throughout the year. The reason they’re limited is because I’ll likely use reseller plans not managed by SmallWeb, so separate to our main offering.

More on that soon, but now you know the skeleton frame of what’s happening over the next few months. Thanks for reading!

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