Using The Reseller Order Form

We offer a range of locations (8 at the moment!) and one of the back-end issues with this is that each package requires an individual module package for every location to automatically assign users to the correct location. This causes a huge log of individual packages for a three or four package service offering.

That’s why our reseller order form is a little bit different. We have three reseller packages – for all locations. At the moment, automatic provisioning isn’t compatible with this method so we manually apply your location depending on your selected custom option.

1. Visit The Reseller Order Form

Visit the reseller order form here where our three plans are compactly available.

2. Select Your Reseller Package

You no longer have to scroll all the way to find your location. We have three reseller hosting plans available, all you have to do is select your desired plan.

3. Select Your Reseller Location

Once you’ve selected your package and added it to your cart, you can now configure your location. Simply select your location from the checkbox.

Below are the server location codes and their actual location:

AMS – Amsterdam, Netherlands.
GER – Germany, Europe.
LAX – Los Angeles, United States.
LON – London, United Kingdom.
LUX – Luxembourg, Europe.
MEL – Melbourne, Australia.
NYC – New York, United States.

Then click continue and your service will be provisioned within 24 hours!

If you’re unfamiliar with our reseller services, here they are!

10GB Reseller – £3.99/month

10GB NVMe or SSD Storage

Unmetered Bandwidth, Unlimited Domains

20GB Reseller – £6.99/month

20GB NVMe or SSD Storage

Unmetered Bandwidth, Unlimited Domains

30GB Reseller – £9.99/month

30GB NVMe or SSD Storage

Unmetered Bandwidth, Unlimited Domains

Thanks for reading!

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