14/09/2019: EU-AMS has experienced downtime due to network connectivity issues. This is in relation to additional assigned IPv4s, but the main IP address is now accessible.
14/09/2019: Now you can save time with live chat. I've added the Tawk.to live chat widget so you can directly communicate with me regarding SmallWeb services, in real time.
14/09/2019: Over the next few days, you'll see very limited stock quantities. I'll be taking a few locations out of stock for a short while to monitor them and ensure current customers are happy before opening up to new orders. While that is happening there are plans to upgrade server specifications to a consistent standard across all locations.
12/09/2019: EU-LUX is back online. The firewall was temporarily disabled to ensure connectivity. I appologise for the inconvenience, please get in touch for +1 month of service.
12/09/2019: EU-LUX is currently experiencing network connectivity issues due to a mis-configuration in Config Server Firewall. This is being worked on and updates will be here.
12/09/2019: All internal (DirectAdmin) name servers have been synced to the correct hostnames for affected accounts on AU-MEL, EU-AMS, EU-LUX, US-LAX and US-NYC.
12/09/2019: The Help@SmallWeb.net Email Address has been successfully migrated and the sending and receiving of emails to and from customer accounts is now functional. 11/09/2019: An issue with the SmallWeb mail server was identified affecting the sending and receiving of emails to and from customer accounts. The Help@Smallweb.net Email Address is currently being migrated to an alternative platform. While this migration is ongoing, please use the email Michael@SmallWeb.net for service and account support.
11/09/2019: The email addresses for account communications (billing, services, tickets) have changed to dissuade replies to and quoting sensitive emails. Read more here.
03/09/2019: SmallWeb’s going siteless.. ..well, in terms of a HTML landing page, anyway. That means more time to focus on providing you with the best possible service, and less time faffing about with div elements and css. The portal is now the main site, powered by BlestaCMS. That doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a half decent logo.. soon, I promise!
26/08/2019: SmallWeb's main purpose is and has always been to give easy, affordable web hosting opportunities to people all over the world without having to worry about being overcharged, misled or financially taken advantage of. cPanel's views and their pricing policy change in June do not align with SmallWeb's purpose and as a result of this, from 1st September 2019 SmallWeb will no longer be offering cPanel hosting. There are no planned service changes for current cPanel customers. Feel free to switch to DirectAdmin.